Seif’s Story

Seif is a father to seven children, including 3 American citizens, who received his Ph.D. from MIT in 2002 and was a Professor of Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Prior to his arrest, Seif was focusing on education and research. He has a Youtube channel to teach thermodynamics and other classes that gained hundreds of thousands of views. The most recent video on the channel was posted only 10 days before his arrest. He served as an advisor to the Minister of Higher Education until 2013.

Seif Fateen was arrested early in the morning on November 14, 2018. He was taken from home to an unknown detention center and forcibly disappeared for more than 9 months before subsequently appearing before the State Security Prosecution on August 5, 2019, which accused him of joining and financing a terrorist group. Seif was added to case 930/2019, known as the “Hope Case.” He was transferred to The Central Prison for the General Directorate of Giza’s Securit Forces (aka Kilo 10.5 prison). After 50 days, Seif was transferred to Al-Qanater Prison on September 26, 2019, and he has been held there since.


Arbitrary Detention – Enforced Disappearance – Torture – Medical Neglect – Denied Access to Basic Supplies – Illegal Pretrial Detention